1. All contestants must be paid up competitors (no passengers). No fishing substitution will be allowed.

  2. Prizes cannot be redeemed for cash under any circumstances. All prizes must be claimed within ONE month of prize giving or on terms set out by the Sponsors.

  3. Any cancellation will be posted on the Contests facebook page: or Gordon can be contacted on 027 318 1959 as a last resort.

    If fishing is canceled on any day, the competition will be determined over the one day. Should both days be canceled, the prize giving will be held at the Petone Working Men’s Club and all prizes will be drawn as lucky angler.

  4. Any angler entering that is under the age of 14 as of 1st of February 2020 will be entered into the child category of the respective contest entered. No exceptions.


    a. All vessels must carry 2 forms of operational mobile communication, VHF Radio (hand-held VHF is okay) and cellphone. One approved Life Jacket per person and one current hand-held flare, and/or 406mhz EPIRB. No exceptions – this is a competition requirement.

    b. All vessels in the contest must monitor CH 14 repeater,(owned by the Wellington Coastguard and the Mana Coastguard). CH2

    c. (04) 568 5404 or 027 318 1959 – Competition HQ – can be used as a last resort if radio contact fails.

    d. Distress safety calling channel in the first instance is CH 16. Failing that CH 62 or CH 71

    e. All vessels must be operationally compliant

    f. In addition to the mandatory equipment stated above, it is strongly recommended that the following items are carried on each vessel:

    – More than 1 working Mobile Phone (Boats)
    – Working Navigation lights
    – First Aid Kit
    – Anchor and Warp
    – Bilge pump
    – Bucket
    – Paddle(s)
    – Compass
    – Knife
    – Fire Extinguisher
    – Spare fuel
    – Torch
    – Emergency tool kit

    g. Always take care on rocks and dangerous surfaces.

    Special thanks to the Wellington & Mana Coastguard for the use of their repeater. Please remember Coastguard has priority over this channel.

  6. Anglers will be scrutinized at the Club’s discretion.

  7. Any abuse of officials/helpers will result in disqualification from the competition.

    Boating and other water sports can be dangerous and life threatening activities. Skippers are responsible for ensuring the safety of their own boats, crew and boating equipment. All entrants and boat owners participate at their own risk.

    The Petone Working Men’s Club, its partners, its employees, officers, sponsors and volunteers (together “the organizers”) accept no responsibility in any respect for personal injury, loss or damage to property arising out of or in connection with the Competition, regardless of cause. Each entrant releases the organizers to the fullest extent permitted by law from all claims or demands of any kind and from all liability which may arise in respect of any incident associated with the Competition. Each entrant also agrees not to bring any action, claim or demand against the organizers in respect of the Competition and agrees to indemnify the organizers for all costs, claims, demands, expenses (including full legal expenses) arising in respect of their participation in the Competition.

    Scrutineering of anglers by the organizers is not to be taken as an endorsement as to the safety of said angler, their equipment or the experience of their crew.

    The holding of the Competition does not constitute an endorsement by the organizers that the weathers or sea conditions are suitable for the boats and/or entrants.

    The Competition is held in the spirit of amateur fishing and fair competition. If, in the opinion of the 4th Annual Charity Fishing Contest Committee, competitors have breached the spirit of the Competition the Committee reserves the right to exclude competitor(s). The Committee’s decision is final.

  8. Rods and hand-lines ONLY are to be used. No set lines, kontikis, longlines, droppers, nets or any other method is allowed.
    Any rig with more than 3 hooks is ruled as a long line/set line and is therefore banned.

  9. Water Contest fishing grounds: The northern boundary is a straight line from just north of Kapiti island to co-ordinates S40’652 E174’831. The southern boundary is a straight line from Cape Palliser to co-ordinates S41’671 E174’390. The western boundary is to co-ordinates S41’323 E174’385. Excluding all marine reserves.

    Land Contest fishing grounds are set at just north of Kapiti Island to Cape Paliser as designated in the contest map.

  10. The Boating Competition starts at 5:00am and finishes 3:00pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

    The Land Competition will start at 5:00am on Saturday the 8th of February and conclude at 3:00pm on Sunday the 9th of February. Land Competitors will be able to fish through the night.

    The weigh station closes at 5:30pm. Closing time is FINAL. Starting and finishing times can be changed at the organizer’s discretion for whatever reason.

  11. All fish submitted for weighing in must be entire – no gutting except for Kahawai which must be bled. All tags to be worn/carried by each individual angler and displayed at fish weigh-in.

  12. Prizes will be awarded for the following species: – Snapper, Kingfish, Groper, Terakihi, Blue Cod, Trevally and Gurnard for the Water based Contest and Kingfish, Moki, Snapper, Kahawai, Gurnard, Trevally and Blue Cod for the Land Based Contest.

  13. In the event of a tie, the first fish submitted will be the winner. All fish submitted for weighing will become the property of the Petone Working Men’s Club and will be auctioned on both days soon after the final measuring.

  14. Any angler that has fish taken by MPI or not complying with MFish regulations or daily bag limits will result in automatic disqualification from the competition and all prizes.

    Any vessel where an angler has been disqualified will result in the whole vessel being disqualified.

  15. Prize giving will take place on the final day of fishing after the conclusion of the fish auction.

Land Rules

These rules are in addition to the standard rules and will supercede them if a conflict arises.

  1. Land Contest fishing grounds are set at just north of Kapiti Island to Cape Paliser as designated in the contest map.

  2. The Land Competition will start at 5:00am on Saturday the 8th of February and conclude at 3:00pm on Sunday the 9th of February. Land Competitors will be able to fish through the night.

    All fish must be entered into the contest by 5:00pm on Sunday the 9th of February

  3. 2 Rod maximum per angler with a maximum of 3 hooks per rod.

  4. All fish are to be put on salt ice asap to ensure best quality when entered.

  5. All fish caught will need to be photographed as per the the measuring mat requirements on the following page.

    Measuring mats will be supplied by the contest organisers.

    Any fish caught that have not been photographed and sent to the contest organisers will not be eligible for entry into the contest.

    All fish entered into the Land contest will need to be photographed and sent to us. This is to ensure that the fish has been well taken care of and will be in good condition for auction.

    1. Place your fish alongside the measuring mat.
    2. Place your contest tag next to the fish.
    3. Photograph the fish on your mobile phone. If you can timestamp the photo then it will help. If you can’t timestamp the photo then please tell us what time the fish was caught in your text or email.
    4. Send the photo to us either by text to 021 504067 or email at